Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision Statement

KAMEHR Group aspires to become the most preferred product supplier and service provider in the high-end technology markets in Malaysia.

Mission & Vision

Our Business Mission

KAMEHR Business Group is to be the preferred provider of innovative and adaptive system control solutions, systems integration, and also service provider in terms of calibration and repair on instrumentations and products. Customers choose KAMEHR Business Group because of our high-quality, cost effective, customer oriented that we provide:

  • To carry out our business mission, KAMEHR Group will pursue the following strategic goals:
  • To be the supplier of premium monitoring & control instrumentation & related products lines.
  • Constantly explore new technologies and implement them whenever it is deemed to be both proper and necessary to maintain our preeminent position.
  • To be the preferred vendor in sales, applications and servicing in the high-end technology market.
  • Enhance customer’s trust and confidence in service and calibration jobs performed.
  • Develop a market-driven organization.
  • To have a highly motivated workforce willing to take up new challenges in a professional and competent manner.