Energy Management & Consulting

We provide Simple and effective ways to help your business save money through energy management, monitoring and managing your energy use more efficiently.

Kamehr’s consulting services help clients envision the value of innovative technologies to accelerate a sustainable competitive edge. We work with clients to perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define project requirements to develop project budgets and execution plans.

Commodity Focus

  • Process Control Equipment
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Motor, Aux Generator & Gear Unit
  • Pump & Services
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Safety Instrument & Equipment
  • Electrical Switching & Protection Device
  • Testing & Analysis Instrument
  • HVAC Equipment and Supplies

Main Projects

Bowin CCGT Power Plant

Location: Thailand

TNB Prai CCGT Power Plant

Location: Malaysia

Senoko CCPP Power Plant

Location: Singapore

Energy and Utility Products Table

Control Valves (MOV & AOV)

Actuation & Isolation Valve

Digital Valve Controller

Air, Steam Liquid & Process Gases Regulator

Severe Services Valve

Steam Conditioning Equipment

Temperature Indicator

Pressure Measurement

Flow Meter

Level Sensor

Gauges and Meter

General Purpose Motor

Severe Service Motor

Motion Motor

Explosion Proof Motor

Diesel Generator

Gear Box

Couplings & Spare Parts

Feed water Pump

Condensate Forwarding Pump

Condenser Cooling Water Pump

Condenser Vacuum Pump

Treated Water Pump

Demineralised Water Pump

Raw Water Pump

Diesel Fire Pump

Electric Fire Pump

Jockey Fire Pump

Seal Set & Spare Parts

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Legacy Fire Alarm System

Controls (Alarm) Panel, Detectors & Alerting Device

Danger management station

Air Sampling and Monitoring

Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Monitoring

Effluent Water Monitoring

Gas Detection and Monitoring

Gas Analysis

Heat Stress Monitor

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Particle Counting and Aerosol Particulate Monitoring

Respirator Mask Fit Test Instrument

Rotary Tank Cleaning System

Thermal Imager

Personal Safety Equipment

LV, MV & HV Circuit Breaker

LV & MV Fuse


Current & Potential Transformer

LV, MV & HV Protection Relay

ATEX Equipment

Hazardous area Electrical Equipment

Automatic opening flash point tester

Digital thermostat water bath

Interfacial tension tester

Electric blast drier

GC analyzer

Multi oscillator

Moisture analyzer

Liquid corrosion tester (with a polishing machine)

Freezing Point Tester

Kinematic viscosity meter (with a washer)

Breaking emulsification tester

Volume resistivity of insulating oil tester

Anti-oil ignition point tester

Air Conditioning Units

Heating Units

Ventilation Units