Training Service Training is your key to turning knowledge into power by providing high-quality training that will help you maximize the efficiency of your equipment, minimize the costly mistakes that can jeopardize your plant, and build life-long skills. We offer a variety of training solutions for Oil, Gas, Steam and Aero product lines. Our training [...]


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Maintenance & Calibration

Maintenance & Calibration The accuracy and reliability of the instruments and devices designed to monitor, control and supervise your industrial processes is vital. Our Maintenance & Calibration service assures the accuracy of your instruments and consistent process control. Kamehr can offer a team of personnel suitably qualified to provide an extensive range of diagnostic services [...]

Installation & Comissioning

Installation & Commissioning Eliminate the challenge of coordinating multiple on-site teams when installing new equipment. Kamehr project managers can handle the installation and commissioning of equipment from start to finish. From the early project planning stage, coordinating needed tools and manpower, executing the project on-site to conducting follow up meetings with your staff, our team [...]

General Industry

We provide the best solutions for industrial and manufacturing businesses as diverse as steel mills, water treatment plants, and aluminum smelters.

Oil and Gas Industry

We focused on premium equipment of prominent manufactures for three major components of Petroleum Industry

Energy Management & Consulting

Brilliant equipment to meet necessities in Power industry as a key sector on industry

Innovative Products and Service for Construction Projects and Automative Service.